Wish List

Mickey enjoys reading, writing to friends and family, and has been utilizing his time by taking college classes.He hopes to achieve either a business or political science degree. Mickey always remains positive and still tries to do good things with his life from the confines of a prison cell.Mickey's 150 page Amicus Curiae brief was signed into a part of the permanent record of the Plata Medical case by Judge Thelton Henderson in 2007. Mickey is also working on two novels , both of which he hopes to get published one day. If you would like to help him in any way, please check out the following list.This is just a wish list,as some have inquired about what they could do to help Mickey.Mickey is happy with just your support and/or letters!

Money Orders can be sent directly to Mickey at:
Mickey Leinweber
P.O.Box 409020
Ione, California 95640

Postcards and Photos(5) and can be sent to the same address as above.

Book Orders:
Books can be ordered through barnesandnoble.com or amazon(only two books at a time, and they must be paperback books only).
Here is a list of books that Mickey would like to read (if you purchase any books for him please e-mail us at justiceformickey.net so that we can take that particular book off this list).

Any book by Lorenzo Carcaterra
Any Science Fiction books
Books on war,philosophy,history, and religion are also favorites of Mickey

Up to 2 books of stamps at a time can be sent to Mickey at the address listed above,or the prestamped envelopes(40 max),which can be purchased at the post office.

If you any questions or comments ’ please e-mail us at justiceformickey.net Thank you for all your kindness and support!

Packages of paper (100 maximum) and envelopes (40 maximum) can also be sent to Mickey at the above address.He appreciates all positive letters, and will answer them promptly! *This website is protected by copyright.

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