Mikhiel Leinweber(Mickey) was born to Andrea and Jake. He was a healthy baby weighing in at ten lbs., seven ounces. Mickey lived on a farm, which was on the outskirts of a small city in California until he was almost seven years old. He was the youngest of four children with a brother and two sisters, all of which were a year apart in age. The kids spent their day’s crawdadding, fishing, chasing pigs and chickens, and just having good clean fun. When Mickey was only two years old he could write his name and knew his ABC's. He learned everything very fast and very early, as he walked at nine months of age and could talk in complete sentences at a year of age.

The dark side of Mickey's childhood was his biological father Jake.  He lost his job when Mickey was a small child and refused to ever work again. His father drank all the time and became very abusive towards Mickey's mom, Andrea.  When Mickey was seven years old, the family moved into the town of Tracy. All this time Mickey did well in school, was friendly and outgoing and had exceptional social skills. The kids spent all their time with their mother, as their father was gone alot drinking. When he would come home he yelled, threw things , terrorized and was abusive to the entire family. At one point Mickey's mother had to leave for a few weeks for job training to better support the children . When she came home she found out Jake, Mickey's father, had beat the boys with large sticks. When she confronted him about this, he beat her and gave her a black eye and knocked her out with a concussion. Mickey, only eight years old at the time, witnessed all of this. The laws were different back then and Mickey's father was only put on probation, even though his violence had put Andrea in the hospital.

Mickey's mother then got a divorce to protect herself and her children from any more abuse, and the children moved to Modesto, California with just their mom.(Mickey's mom eventually remarried,and this is the man that Mickey considers his dad today) Mickey's biological father Jake, did not want, nor did he ever seek,visitation or any contact with any of his children,and neither did any members of his fathers family(Elishers,Zeigers),it was as if the children just no longer existed to any of them.When he was young Mickey always would seek out older males to be friends with. Around this time is when Mickey began having problems in school and getting in trouble for minor things.  Mickey started seeking older individuals to look up to, the way that he should have been looking up to his own father.  However, with his absence in Mickey’s life, Mickey had no other authorative male figures to model his life after at that time. Mickey’s family often wondered why grown men would want to hang around with a young teenager. Mickey was arrested for selling heroin at the age of nineteen.  The man who recruited not only Mickey, but several other teenagers, has still not been convicted of a crime. This man made false promises to Mickey and told him things such as “you are my little brother and I will look out for you.” He strung Mickey along. The judicial system tries to make Mickey out to be such a bad person, when in reality he was a lost young man whom older guys, men really, drew in to their twisted crimes.  Once Mickey was exposed to that life, he struggled to get out of it.  Mickey is a victim as well.

Mickey's first job was at Foster Freeze at age sixteen. He went and got his work permit, and eagerly went in to apply for the cook position.He was a good employee and very well-liked by everyone that worked there.  One thing that stood out to Mickey’s family was that once Mickey earned his first paycheck, he came home with individual presents for everyone in his family.

Mickey never knew the woman Heather Glover before the accident; he did not even know her name or her age. Heather had insisted on coming along with Melissa, who was one of Mickey’s friends. He first found out how old she was after his mother had told him she had been asked to help identify a "heavyset female" the detective stated to her he thought was "a street person, between the ages of twenty-five and thirty, with the words “Cold Killa” tattooed down her arms, and other numerous crude jailhouse type tattoos carved all over ", as one of his friends. His mother was unable to help detective brochinni identify this woman as anyone Mickey might have known.All witness testimony throughout the trial stated they believed the woman to be "at least 30".  As soon as they informed Mickey that they had found out that young womans true age,sixteen years old, he immediately said “Oh God” and then cried for her.

The trial was biased from the start. Anything to do with Mickey, the judge ruled against, and once she was on that path it appeared she was going to stay on it, right or wrong. She allowed in so many things that would obviously persuade a jury that it was extremely difficult to remember she was supposed to be a fair and unbiased officer of the law.

During the initial jury selection Heather Glover's older sister, sat with the perspective jurors and began talking with them and telling them Mickey was guilty of killing her sister. This was brought to the judge’s attention,and the judge then called a meeting in quarters,at that time she excused some of the jurors she thought might have heard Miss Glover’s sister. The Glover family tormented Mickey's family throughout the trial, calling them names and saying horrible things to them, and about them,a few were finally banned by staff from the courtroom.(Mickey's family ignored this,and tried to remain compassionate,inspite of the Glover's behavior.) As a result of this behavior more bailiffs were added to the courtroom, and sadly it was portrayed that the bailiffs were added to "control" Mickey. Mickey always acted like a gentleman throughout the entire trial. During the sentencing phase of the trial the judge called every witness, except the detective , a liar, which in turn showed how biased she was in this trial. She looked at Mickey and his family with disdain throughout the trial, though the Glover family members would attend court intoxicated, all the while laughing, talking, and acting as if they were attending a big party. The judges own stenographer was overheard telling the bailiff the judge was allowing so many things in to prejudice the jurors she herself could not believe it and had never seen such biased behavior by the court before. This was the judges first ever murder trial, as she came from family court. In the middle of the trial judge silveira even brought cookies for the jurors. She offered others in the courtroom one, but again openly showed the jurors her disdain for Mickey and his family.Another day the judge cut short the trial,to go to a luncheon where Diane Feinstein was speaking,"as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her".The day she sentenced Mickey,after a 16 day trial,she even mispronounced his name,though it was repeated correctly by others daily at trial.All this shows her deliberate indifference to the importance of this trial, and how the outcome would affect a young mans life, forever.

When they sentenced Mickey they had numerous bailiffs in the courtroom, again for the Glovers, to keep them in control, but the newspapers made it appear that it was Mickey that they were scared would be out of control.The court baliff stated that he had had to speak to the Glovers numerous times about their behavior throughout the trial,and banned a few from the courtroom.After Heather's pregnant sister cried and screamed out at Mickey because she wanted him to explain her sister’s death,(although she had heard throughout the trial by every single witness that it was an ACCIDENT) she openly admitted that it had been so hard for her to be"clean" (off of drugs) again during the trial.  When it was Mickey's turn to speak, which the judge granted him grudgingly, he half-turned in his seat, which is all you can do in shackles,he looked at the Glover sisters and said, "I do apologize for the loss of your loved one and I apologize for your pain, but I still say it was an accident, an accident, and that's all I have to say."(Mickeys apology is in the court transcripts)

Mickey never broke down as the judge said 111 years; he held his head high and with dignity. He acted like a man, a true gentleman. His family was, and still is, very proud of him.Mickeys family and friends will continue to stand behind him and have faith, as his case goes through the many years of appeals.

Mickey loves sports, especially snowboarding, water skiing and football.

Mickey is a huge Oakland Raider’s fan.

One of Mickey’s favorite hobbies is working out.

Mickey attended Davis High School in Modesto. (He earned his GED at 16)

Mickey was born in California.

Mickey has five siblings.

All of his grandparents are now deceased.

Mickey loves to read , especially science fiction. His favorite authors include George R.R. Martin, Terry Goodkind.

Mickey’s hero’s include: His mother, James Braddock (the “Cinderella Man”), General Patton, and Muhammad Ali.

Mickey hopes to be able to travel one day.

Mickey’s favorite movies include Shawshank Redemption and Scarface.

Nickelback,The Revivalists,Tupac,Rag Man'n'Bones,Chris Stapleton are among some of Mickey’s favorite bands/singers.

Mickey loves to learn and has been attending college through offered classes , he is earning a degree in Communications.

Mickey was married briefly once after he was first sentenced, he then sought and received a divorce. **Disclaimer-This website claims no connection,whatsoever, with any website that commits slander/libel about Mikhiel Leinweber and his family.*05/18-This case is currently in appeals and details cannot be discussed,per the attorney.

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