I miss and love my brother Mickey a lot.  I only get to see him behind glass so I don't ever get to give him a hug.  Mickey has always been the best brother to me.  He has never yelled or been mean to us.  I have very good memories about my brother like when he came to our house and we had a barbecue, or when he took us to see Shrek at the movie theater.  My brother Mickey always played with us and told us jokes.

I have not given my big brother a hug in two years.  Ever since he has been gone it just is not the same.  When he came over I was really happy because I missed him a lot.  I have saved every letter and every card he has ever given or sent to me so I remember him.  I think he is a great brother and a great person.  I have not been able to see him or hear him in about two months.  I love my brother alot, and hopefully I will get to see him soon!

Love your little sis,


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