"We rejoice in our suffering, because we know that suffering produce perseverance, perseverance-character, and character hope..."
                                             -Romans 5:3

I read this Bible quote every morning and it gets me through each day.  It reminds me not to give up hope and that maybe some day I'll be able to see my baby brother outside of a prison visiting room.

My brother and I have always been close.  We are only seventeen months apart, and no matter what we always had each other.  My earliest memories of my little brother began when I was about four and he was three.  I remember making "mud pies" in the backyard and crawdad fishing with sticks, fishing line and bologna.  After we had caught a few crawdads we would pick out the biggest ones and we would have races.  Looking back, those times were so fun and carefree.  Running around on our farm, swimming, and playing with all our farm animals.  We were inseparable - you could always find us together.

Even into our adulthood we were always close.  Mickey was one person I could always count on.  He was so proud to be an uncle, and always looked forward to having children of his own.  My kids have always adored their Uncle.  Going to Uncle Mickey's house always meant a good time.  Mickey loved playing with them - swinging them around.  Making them laugh always made Mickey smile.  My children are too young to understand where Mickey is, but they know he is "gone".  It breaks my heart when my 4 year old tells me, "I miss Uncle Mickey," but I always tell him, "Mickey misses you too."

My brother is not the cold person he's been made out to be.  He's caring, kind, and gentle.  His number one priority has always been family, and he will make a great dad someday.  God doesn't look at your life; he looks at your heart.  I know who my brother is, and he has a very kind heart.  I will always love him and be here for him, and I will always be proud to call him my brother.



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