My brother Mickey was always so playful when we were younger.  We would go to our school after the carnival was over and find all the prizes left over.  We would always look forward to all of us doing that together.  I know - silly as it sounds! 

As we got older I would take Mickey out to the mall and treat us to lunch.  He was always so silly and funny, always making me laugh.  He is generous in the way that even if he did not have that much money he would still buy a friend or someone in need something to eat.  I will always remember all the good things about him,and his kind heart.

I am so sad for the suffering he has and will continue to endure.  He was sentenced to an injustice that should not be his fate.  We will all pray that a fair justice will be given to Mickey,and he will then be able to leave prison and have a real life someday.

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